Arbeiterkind goes Europe

16 – 19 May, closed programme/invitation-only/study trip

People working on the EU level form a very homogeneous group, often with degrees from the most elitist European universities. This lack of social diversity is in contrast to the diversity of the EU and its citizens that EU politics is supposed to represent.  

In order to help highly-qualified young people without the stereotypical academic family background overcome personal barriers to pursuing a career in the EU, FES EU Office issued a call for participation for a study trip to Brussels. In a series of meetings, the participants will get to know different institutions and organisations working on the EU level to learn more about their work and the different possibilities of working on EU politics. The discussions will focus on career opportunities and ways to promote social diversity on the EU level. Of course, there will also be time to get to know Brussels as a city and explore sights such as the Grand Place or Cinquantenaire Park, and to socialize with young people with similar backgrounds that already live and work in Brussels. 

After their trip, the participants will act as European ambassadors in their region and pass on their knowledge to like-minded students and pupils. The documentation of their experience will already start during the study trip itself with a series of posts on our newly-launched Instagram account @fes_europe by two of the participants. 

The study trip is organised with ArbeiterKind.de and the local Brussels group of Arbeiterkind.de, with support by the Mercator Foundation. 

Contact: Agnes.Mach(at)fes.de

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