Global Green Deals Forum

1 October 2020 - Online Conference FES Berlin - 10.45 AM to 5.15 PM

social.democratic.climate just.

Our planet is heading for a climate collapse. Peace, freedom and prosperity in the world will in future depend on whether we respect our ecological limits. To do so, we need to fundamentally change our way of life. But how can we achieve an ecological transformation that is also socially just? What approaches are already successful today – in Germany, in Europe, in other parts of the world? Can we even achieve a just global balance?

We want to discuss these questions with representatives from politics, trade unions, business, science and the climate movement – and with you: On 1 October 2020 at the Global Green Deals Forum of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), the Climate Alliance Germany and the Olof Palme International Center.

Objective of the Forum
We invite everyone interested to a political debate on the practical design of the social-ecological transformation. We aim to develop attractive and tangible visions of the future that demonstrate the viability of democratic and socially just change and offer the prospect of a better life for all. The goal of our public debate is also to introduce this claim into the Green Deals currently under negotiation and ensure that it receives a hearing.

Target Group
We are reliant on broad social alliances in order to project the tasks that lie ahead. In addition to our traditional social democratic partners and the trade unions, we therefore also want to work with other progressive parties, environmental movements, climate activists and science on the progressive project “social-ecological transformation.” To this end, we will focus on the municipal and communal level as well as the national, European and global levels.

The IN FOCUS debates will be streamed live on this website. For the LABORATORIES you have to register in advance.

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