“Resilience and Resources at the local level: How European funding can contribute to a more solidarity-based narrative about refugees.

18 March 2021, Online-Discussion on Zoom, 16:30 – 17:30 (CET)

Across Europe, cities and municipalities are providing reception and shelter to refugees. Together with civil society organisations and local volunteers, they support newcomers and seek to promote diversity in difficult political contexts. Therefore, and against the backdrop of rising anti-migration sentiments, the willingness of these essential actors to continue their efforts and contribute to a more positive narrative about refugees will remain key to a progressive approach towards migration and asylum.

A European Integration and Development Fund as proposed by the Municipal Integration and Development Initiative (MIDI) aims to address this challenge by providing additional resources to the local level. It aims to reimburse cities and municipalities for the cost of reception and integration while providing an equal amount of funding for urban and community development. This creates a win-win situation for cities, the local community, and refugees alike. Therefore, these additional resources are aimed to build resilience against polarisation and to create a more egalitarian and solidarity-based narrative about migration and refugees.

Join us for an exchange with experts, policy makers and civil society representatives to discuss and identify the core challenges and opportunities and develop progressive recommendations to counter polarisation and help changing the narrative about refugees. 

The event is organised in the context of the European Social Forum on Migration (FSEM), which will be hosted by Rede Sem Fronteiras with the support of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES). From March 15 to March 26, it will bring together civil society organisations, social movements, trade unions, and a diversity of politically engaged actors from several European countries under the topic: “Migrate with rights in times of a pandemic. A new pact against inequalities, multiple discrimination, prejudice and xenophobia is possible”. This year, numerous events along four thematic axes will foster the exchange of perspectives and facilitate discussions with the aim to resolve current issues regarding economic, social, political, and human rights. For more information, please visit the FSEM Website.

Please watch the recording here.

Contact: Tobias.Schmitt(at)fes-europe.eu


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