Democracy, Gender Equality and Human Rights

Protecting and Sustaining European Values

Democracies around the world are feeling the pressure in the face of rising authoritarianism, nationalism and populism. The EU is no exception. Here, too, democratic values and institutions are under attack. To some extent, the internet has become a kind of lawless space where conspiracy theories and disinformation spread unchecked through unregulated networks.

At the same time, the EU must become more resilient, open and transparent. The EU must do a better job of protecting Member States and their citizens from attacks on our shared values, while opening up to engage in debate with citizens on the future of the EU. It must become more resilient, open and transparent.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation’s  EU office is dedicated to bolstering democracy, the rule of law, and equality, both within Germany and abroad, and is particularly committed to citizen-focused, transparent decision-making processes, progressive reforms, and consolidating the EU’s democratic legitimacy.

Informationen auf Deutsch zu Demokratie, Geschlechtergerechtigkeit, Diversität...

Progressive Manifesto for a European Democracy

Progressive Manifesto for a European Democracy

The Conference on the Future of Europe (2021-2022) offered a new European forum for an open debate with citizens around several key priorities and challenges. More

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Agnes Mach

Policy Officer for Gender Equality & Political Education
+32 (0) 485 33 91 37

Ingmar Naumann

Head of Liaison Office Strasbourg

European Parliament, Council of Europe and European Court of Human Rights 
+33 (0) 750 62 55 30

Marco Schwarz

Policy Officer for Democracy & Rule of law, EU Enlargement 
+32 (0) 485 33 00 52


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