Migration, Integration and EU Fundamental Rights

Advocating EU Fundamental Rights and a Joint Progressive and Humane European Asylum and Migration Policy

Despite declining numbers of asylum applications in the European Union, many people are still dying in the Mediterranean, in the Atlantic and at the external borders of the Community. The reception conditions for those seeking asylum are often inhumane, and racism and xenophobia against migrants continue to rise within the continent. The European Union has thus far failed to make significant headway towards a progressive, joint European asylum system in response to this crisis. Europe must be assertive in enforcing the values of solidarity, equality, and fundamental rights in terms of migration both within its territory and at its external borders.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung’s EU Office uses its expertise to bring greater objectivity to the debate on migration and supports the EU in crafting and implementing a progressive, and humane asylum and migration policy based on solidarity. To this end, we inform, advise, and link up European decision-makers and civil society and, through our worldwide network, introduce relevant perspectives from the Global South into the political discourse on migration.

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Migration, Integration and EU-Fundamental Rights
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