A just energy transition for workers: tapping into a century of ideas

Policy paper and event video in cooperation with the EPC

In 2021 the European Policy Centre and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung have engaged together in the project ‘A just energy transition: tapping into a century of ideas’. It was nourrished by two expert workshops on the aspects of procedural and distributional justice of the transition which fed into a policy paper. It analyses different energy transitions from the past. The lessons learned are then applied to the current EU policy framework. This allows to draw a series of conclusions and recommendations.

The publication can be downloaded here.


Re-watch our the public presentation...

The paper was finally presented and discussed with the public on 30 November 2021.Speakers in our public conference strongly recommended a more intense involvement of stakeholders in the transition.

  • Jens Geier, European Parliament, ITRE Committee
  • Adela Tesarova, European Commission, DG Energy
  • Corinna Zierold, industriAll, European Trade Union
  • Thijs Vandenbussche, European Policy Centre