Tuesday, 05.12.2023 - FES EU Office

Expert roundtable: Peace in Cameroon – Feminist Foreign Policy in Action

Join our expert roundtable on 5 December and discuss with representatives of the initiative "1st National Convention of Women for Peace in Cameroon".


What can sustainable peace look like in the context of the ongoing civil war in Cameroon? What role do women play in conflict management and how can it be ensured that they are involved in peace processes? How can the threat of gender-based violence be overcome? On Tuesday, 5 December, we will organise an expert roundtable to discuss the contribution of the "1st National Convention of Women for Peace in Cameroon" to conflict resolution and its pioneering work in promoting dialogue for peace and reconciliation in Cameroon. With over 1500 women from all 10 regions and 58 districts of the country, this peace platform embodies a unique association for the promotion of peace and dialogue. We believe that the work of the 1st National Convention of Women for Peace in Cameroon is not only an inspiration for the women in Cameroon, but also for the search for solutions to conflict situations on the whole African continent. 

This year, the 1st National Convention of Women for Peace in Cameroon will be granted the German Africa Award for its commitment to democracy, peace, human rights, sustainable development and civil society issues. On this occasion, selected representatives of the platform will be in Brussels for meetings with representatives of EU institutions and think tanks.

Women pay a disproportionate price every day in armed conflicts

Women pay a disproportionate price every day in armed conflicts. This is also true in Cameroon, where citizens experience conflicts in three regions at the same time: a civil war has been raging in the North-West and South-West of the country since 2016, in the Far North, attacks by the jihadist group Boko Haram have been causing suffering and insecurity since 2014 and hundreds of thousands of people in need of protection from the Central African Republic are fleeing across the border to the east of the country.

The 1st National Convention of Women for Peace in Cameroon has shown that these difficult challenges can be met with strong determination, strong voices and strong action. The peace platform brings together women peace activists, displaced women and girls, victims of war-related violence, traditional and religious women leaders, women soldiers, women entrepreneurs, domestic workers, women from civil society and political parties, and many more.



16:00 Registration

16:30 Welcome and Introduction by Nina Netzer, Resident Representative of FES Cameroon and Central Africa

16:40 Input by Clotilda Andiensa, Marthe Wandou and Fanny Bessem, representatives of the 1st National Convention of Women for Peace in Cameroon and Achievements: "Shaping the platform and achievements"

17:10 Q&A chaired by Sidonie Wetzig, Policy Officer at the FES EU Office

17:45 Networking


The discussion will be held in English.

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For more information please contact Sidonie Wetzig, Policy Officer at the FES EU Office: sidonie.wetzig(at)fes.de