Greening the Eastern European Partnership

18.11.2021, Zoom Roundtable, 10h-12h (CET)

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The European Green Deal (EGD) is EU’s strategy to transform the Union into low-carbon, climate-resilient market. The deal not only serves as a growth and environmental model but should
also underpin EU’s international leadership in fighting climate change.

Given its global dimension the EGD also gains growing importance in the relationship with EU Neighbourhood countries where the EU next to political stability and economic development wants to promote its key interests. Although regional cooperation is also an important objective of EU Neighbourhood Policy this seems to be missing with regard to climate and environmental topics.

With support of FES the Resource & Analysis Centre »Society and Environment« in Ukraine has written a discussion paper on how to »green« the Eastern European Partnership (EaP). Analysing EU’s policy approaches towards EaP countries and the green agendas of these countries the researchers develop recommendations on possible thematic priorities as well as cooperation formats to better mainstream the Green Deal into EaP’s regional agenda.

In view of EaP summit in December we would like to organise this roundtable to discuss these recommendations and contribute to the public discourse on the future EaP’s »green« dimension.

The event will be translated simoultaneously into English and Russian.

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