Hambach Democracy Dialogue: Shaping a Progressive European Democracy

How to strengthen the resilience of democracies throughout Europe? In June 2022 we discussed ideas at our Hambach Democracy Dialogue with prominent speakers from all over Europe. Now we have launched the first two issues of the Hambach Democracy Papers to share the ideas with the public.

The Hambach Democracy Dialoge - the FES annual flagship on the future of European Democracy

The Hambach Democracy Dialogue (HDD) conference is the FES annual flagship event on the future of European Democracy with distinguished speakers from EU institutions, Members of European Parliaments, experts from universities, think tanks, civil society organizations and media outlets. Progressive Tradition, European Vision: The HDD follows in the tradition started by the Hambach Festival of 1832 in terms of German and European democratic history and Europe's ideals and history of integration. At Hambach Castle in the German-French border region we reflect on democracy in Europe at our high-level conferences and establish a platform for exchanging progressive ideas and proposals for enhancing and defending European democracy.

Strengthening the Resilience of European Democracy - HDD22

In June, we welcomed international speakers from all around Europe at our Hambach Democracy Dialogue to talk about new progressive ideas and ways to defend democracy and to strengthen its resilience. Jennifer McCoy and Victor Negrescu, two of our speakers at HDD22 have written down their ideas to reduce or contain polarization and strengthen the political participation of the young generation in the first two issues of our Hambach Democracy Papers.

Furthermore, the 2022 conference was captured in a series of short videos featuring our distinguished speakers. Ranging from the idea behind the HDD to polarisation in the political sphere to the participation of the youth in European politics, you can view the entire playlist.

For more information please click here or contact marco.schwarz@fes.de.

Proposals and ideas of the HDD21

The next Hambach Democratic Dialogue will take place in 2022. Meanwhile, our work on the future of European Democracy continues. Here you can find more information and a highlight video of the HDD21 with prominent speakers from all over Europe. Together with our media partner Euractiv we will publish several articles on the main proposals and ideas discussed at the conference. Please find a selection here:

For more information please contact Marco Schwarz, Policy officer for Democracy, Rule of law & Good Governance: marco.schwarz(at)fes.de



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