Now online - Social Europe Talk: Social Summit in Porto and beyond...

Enjoy a new episode in the Social Europe Talk series, supported by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

Now that the European Pillar of Social Rights, launched in 2017, has been translated into an Action Plan, we explore in the context of the Social Summit in Porto with key players how to realise a Europe inclusive of all. Can the decades of dominance of ‘negative’ market integration really be displaced by a positive, social-policy focus, when this has conventionally been conceived as the prerogative of the member states? Could there be agreement on the goal of a social-investment or a social-ecological state at the European level? Is the focus in the Action Plan on targets, monitoring and funding right, rather than on the social outcomes sought and the programmes—such as a Europe-wide unemployment-reinsurance scheme—needed to achieve them? And can all of this be done without European macro-economic governance and much greater fiscal capacity?

Around the virtual table there are:

  • José António Da Silva, organiser of the Porto Social Summit and former Portuguese minister of employment
  • Agnes Jongerius, S&D member of the European Parliament committee on employment and social affairs
  • Sandra Pereira, The Left vice-chair of the European Parliament committee on employment and social affairs
  • Andreas Botsch, Director of the International Department, DGB the German Trade Union Confederation

The moderator is Robin Wilson, acting editor-in-chief, Social Europe.

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