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About this Blog

As was the case with the all-too-recent financial, economic and euro crisis, the current corona crisis shows that, for Germany and Europe, both stable and economically, environmentally, socially and fiscally sustainable economic development remains a distant goal. On top of this come the yet-to-be unresolved challenges thrown up by various megatrends that have been around for a long time: climate change, digitalisation, demographic change, increasing economic and social inequality and globalisation.

In this blog series, the aim is to support the German Council presidency with progressive ideas and arguments in the field of economic policy and demonstrate how economically, environmentally, socially and fiscally more sustainable economic development can be achieved in Germany and Europe – from a progressive perspective. Expectations of Germany’s Council presidency were already high, but the outbreak of the corona crisis has taken them to another level.

We’ll investigate visions of the future of the EU, the hoped-for Green New Deal and Europe’s vital social dimension. We’ll take a look at various policy areas: from fiscal, monetary and tax policy, through social and climate policy, and competition and trade policy, to industrial, technology and innovation policy. What negative developments have we seen? How can they be corrected? What economic-policy measures are appropriate? What do we need to learn from experiences during the corona crisis?

Besides the contributions by English-speaking authors selected blog contributions by German authors will be translated into English.

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