Reforming the European Electoral Law: Options for Establishing Transnational Lists

Online event POSTPONED

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The Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament is due to vote on its report on transnational lists on 26 January. The same day we would like to invite you to an online event on the reform of the European electoral law. We will discuss the current state of negotiations in the European Parliament: How does its proposal for transnational lists look like? Does it have a chance of finding a majority within the Parliament and later on in the Council? The workshop will also consider the impact of the current proposals. Expectations include that transnational list will lead to truly European electoral campaigns, strengthen European political parties and a European public sphere. Does the current proposal have the potential to strengthen European democracy this way? Which changes would be useful to fully exploit the potential of transnational lists for European democracy?

These and further questions from participants will be discussed with the following speakers:

  • Sandro GOZI, President of UEF; Member of the European Parliament, Brussels
  • Domènec RUIZ DEVESA, Vice-President of UEF; Member of the European Parliament, Brussels (tbc)
  • Thu NGUYEN, Jacques Delors Centre/Hertie School, Berlin  
  • Manuel MÜLLER, University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Moderation: Giulia ROSSOLILLO, Università di Pavia

Please register for the Online Workshop here

The event is jointly organised by the Union of European Federalists, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung EU-Office Brussels and the University of Passau.

Contact: Marco.Schwarz(at)


If you like to read more about the topic of transnational lists and UEF’s position on strengthening European democracy, we recommend to you:

Thu Nguyen: The holy trinity of EU elections: Transnational lists, Spitzenkandidaten procedure and a stronger European Parliament, Jacques Delors Centre: Policy Paper, December 2021

Manuel Müller: Making the Most of Transnational Lists. Electoral Equality at EU Level Through Proportional Compensation, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Policy Paper

Union of European Federalists: Resolution of the UEF Federal Committee on a Declaration on the Conference on the Future Of Europe, Policy Paper November 2019

The Procedure File on Reforming the European electoral law, including the draft committee report




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