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Blockmans, Steven; Faleg, Giovanni

More union in European defence

report of a CEPS task force
Brussels, 2015

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Dauderstädt, Michael

How to close the European investment gap?

Brussels, 2015

Download publication (1,3 MB PDF-File)

Krajewski, Markus

Modalities for investment protection and Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) in TTIP from a trade union perspective

Brussels, 2014

Download publication (810 KB, PDF-File)

Kapoor, Sony

The financial crisis - causes & cures

Brussels, 2010, 2012

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26.04.2021 | Publication, News | Publication, News


EU-Funding Officer / Sachbearbeiter_in EU-Projekte


24.03.2021 | Publication | Publication

Sector Coupling - The Next Stage of the Energiewende

Publication by Thomas Bruckner and Hendrik Kondziella


10.03.2021 | Publication, News | Publication, News

New Policy Brief: Towards a fairer, care-focused Europe

It took a pandemic to see that care is fundamental for the well-being of individuals and societies. Still, both paid and unpaid care work remains…


10.03.2021 | Publication, News | Publication, News

Towards a care revolution! #Care4Care Video

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we call for a substantive change in European care economies that truly reflect the value of care for…


12.02.2021 | Topics, Publication, News | Topics, Publication, News

The European Union as a peace actor - Proposals for conflict resolution in Colombia and Venezuela

The European Union as a peace actor - Proposals for conflict resolution in Colombia and Venezuela, Kristina Birke Daniels, Susanne Stollreiter and…


08.12.2020 | Publication | Publication

On the road to sustainable mobility: How to ensure a just transition?

08.12.2020, Policy brief in cooperation with the European Policy Centre


28.10.2020 | Topics, Publication | Topics, Publication

Event report: FES launched the progressive debate on the future of European Democracy

What should the Europe of tomorrow look like? What could be progressive solutions for the coming challenges of our time? The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung…

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