Study presentation: How politicians got away with autocratizing Hungary

Join us on 3 April when the authors of the study present their work and discuss political developments in Hungary.

When confronted with a choice between democracy and partisan loyalty, policy priorities, or ideological dogmas, who in Hungary prioritises democracy? This is the pressing puzzle the new study "Identity, Partisanship, Polarization: How democratically elected politicians got away with autocratising Hungary" aims to unravel.

On 3 April, two of the study-authors, András Bíró-Nagy, Director of Hungarian Think Tank Policy Solutions, and Elena Avramovska, FES Senior Researcher for Democracy, Society and Youth, will present the main results of the study. It is based on the survey of 1000 respondents in Hungary. 

The event will take place from 11:00 - 12:30 (CEST) at the FES EU Office, Rue du Taciturne 38, 1000 Brussels. 



11:00 Study Presentation by András Bíró-Nagy and Elena Avramovska

12:30 Light lunch

Moderation by Marco Schwarz, Policy Officer at the FES EU Office.


The discussion will be held in English. The registration for this event is now closed. For more information or to express interest in attending, please contact Marco Schwarz: marco.schwarz(at)fes.de.