What are Latin America’s perceptions of the EU?

Latin America and the EU share common values. But: What do Latin Americans think about the EU and their relations to the Europeans? Our colleagues asked the people. Read more about the findings of our survey.

Copyrigth: Leon Overweel, unsplash

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Argentina, in cooperation with the renowned Latinobarómetro, recently conducted a large-scale survey in 10 countries on the opinion of Latin America’s population about the EU. The survey explores their perceptions across a wide range of questions, topics and contexts.

To present the survey findings to EU stakeholders the FES EU Office has invited three experts from 27 to 30 June to Brussels. In addition to bilateral meetings, FES presented the findings in a public roundtable to a broader audience on 30 June. Read the event report EU has huge potential for closer partnership with Latin America, study says by Oliver Noyan and Sofia StuartLeeson (Euractiv).

Furthermore, Svenja Blanke and Ronja Schiffer, our FES colleagues from Latin America, together with Monica Hirst, Visiting Professor at the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro and one of the authors of the study, have published the article Europe’s lost opportunities in Latin America? summarising the major findings and their conclusions for the future of Latin American-EU relations.

Read all the findings on the survey's website.

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