The Conference on the Future of Europe

Join us in our trans-European debate 2020-2021 and help shaping a progressive future for Europe

Against the backdrop of a European Union that has been in constant crisis mode since the global financial crisis, the European Commission announced a Conference on the Future of Europe that enables European citizens and civil society to have their say in how to reform the EU.

It is the opportunity to turn the page and shape the future of Europe, making it crisis-proof and strengthening the value of European integration. To make it work, we need broad participation by citizens, civil society and organized interest groups and turn the conference into a truly democratic and participatory event.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung aims to contribute to this debate with recommendations on how to shape a progressive future for Europe. Over the course of two years, we invite our European network, including partners from civil society, academia, politics, think tanks, trade unions and media, to a series of trans-European online workshops that provide space for intensive debates on expectations and necessary reforms for Europe.

The first round of workshops, organized in cooperation with the Institute for European Politics (IEP), focuses on Democracy in Europe. Scroll down to find more information on the topic and the workshops.

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Making the Conference on the Future of Europe a Success

18 March, Virtual Round Table, 10.30 – 11.30 CET, REGISTRATION IS CLOSED



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What should the Europe of tomorrow look like? What could be progressive solutions for the coming challenges of our time? The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung…

After a Decade of EU Pragmatism, It Is Time to Talk About Democracy Again

After a Decade of EU Pragmatism, It Is Time to Talk About Democracy Again

Read Julian Plottka's and Manuel Müller's (IEP) Op ed about our project on Euractiv More

Plottka, Julian; Müller, Manuel

Enhancing the EU's democratic legitimacy

Short and long-term avenues to reinforce parliamentary and participative democracy at the EU level
Brussels, 2021

Download publication (540 KB, PDF-File)

Trans-European online debates
10 February 14h00 – 16h30

Trans-European online debates

In our first round of debates, organized in cooperation with the Institute for European Politics (IEP), we focus on the topic of Democracy in Europe. Together with partners and participants from all over Europe, we will... More


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