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28.04.2022 | News | News
Restart EU Enlargement Policy!
Putin’s war against Ukraine also affected EU’s enlargement policy. FES colleagues Eva Ellereit and Stine Klapper call for a restart of the European enlargement policy and advocate for the accession…  
27.04.2022 | News | News
"Russia seems to face strategic defeat"
How do Ukraine and Russia perceive the EU's role in the war in Ukraine? What are the consequences of the war for the EU? And what is the Union's role? These questions we adressed in our briefing with…  
27.04.2022 | News | News
A landmark treaty - the Escazú Agreement
In 2021 the Escazú Agreement entered into force and has been ratified by 12 countries so far. Dr Juan Carlos Carrillo Fuentes, Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental (CEMDA), and Tomás Severino Ortega,…  
22.03.2022 | News, Event | News, Event
Escazú Roundtable: Discussing the impact of a milestone.
The Escazú Agreement is about establishing minimum standards for human and environmental rights in Latin America. We present two studies recently commissioned by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in…  
08.03.2022 | News | News
International Women's Day 2022
The virus is a patriarch! Towards a new Care Deal! On the occasion of International Women's Day, find out more about our ongoing projects to promote gender equality.  
07.03.2022 | News | News
Tax justice, Transition and Recovery
We are fighting for fair tax policies on several fronts, from sustainable taxes to wealth taxation, from the EU's own resources to the FTT. Learn more about our joint FES project with FEPS and TASC.  
11.02.2022 | News | News
The Future of the Africa-Europe partnership
The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung has been following the partnership between the EU and Africa for many years. On the occasion of the AU-EU Summit, taking place from 17-18 February, we would like to draw…  
11.02.2022 | Publication | Publication
Strengthening European Political Parties
Already since the Maastricht-reform of 1993, European political parties are part of the treaty on the European Union. In recent years, their significance has increased and they now play a more…  
26.01.2022 | Event | Event
Reforming the European Electoral Law: Options for Establishing Transnational Lists
Online event POSTPONED  
10.12.2021 | News | News
Towards a Global Resettlement Alliance
Resettlement and humanitarian admission through other safe pathways are important signals of solidarity not only for especially vulnerable refugees but also for countries of first asylum. As an…  
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