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09.12.2021 | Publication, News | Publication, News
Infographic: Rights, Resettlement and Complementary Pathways
Safe pathways for refugees take various forms, such as traditional resettlement and a number of complementary pathways. Together they offer crucial instruments of protection alongside codified rights…  
01.12.2021 | Event | Event
The EU-SADC EPA, a Basis for a Sustainable Partnership?
01.12.2021, Zoom Roundtable, 16h00-17h30 (CET)  
30.11.2021 | Publication, News | Publication, News
A just energy transition for workers: tapping into a century of ideas
Policy paper and event video in cooperation with the EPC  
29.11.2021 | Publication, News | Publication, News
From Debunking to Prebunking: How to get ahead of disinformation on migration in the EU
Despite increasing efforts, EU institutions, national governments and civil society still struggle to deal with disinformation on migration. Recent events in Afghanistan and Belarus show how fast…  
20.11.2021 | Event | Event
A fair transition to 2050: tapping into a century of ideas
A collaboration with the European Policy Centre  
18.11.2021 | Event | Event
Greening the Eastern European Partnership
18.11.2021, Zoom Roundtable, 10h-12h (CET)  
15.11.2021 | News | News
New FES Policy Paper: Making the most of Transnational Lists
The introduction of transnational lists is one of the most prominent approaches for a reform of the European electoral law. Various options are being discussed for certain design aspects – for…  
09.11.2021 | Event | Event
NEW VOICES – NEW IDEAS? The United States, Germany, and Europe in the World
09.11.2021, Public Panel, 18:15–19:30 (CET) | 13:15–14:30 (EDT)  
Strategies for European Engagement with Syrian Diaspora Civil Society Organisations
Report by by Erwin van Veen and Beatrice Noun September 2021  
07.10.2021 | Event | Event
Bridge Building in the Nuclear Disarmament Discourse, Nuclear Deterrence and the Humanitarian Approach to Nuclear Weapons
07.10.2021, 11h - 12h30, online Book Launch / Panel Discussion  
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