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Hybrid Workshop Invitation: EU Economic Governance 6 September 2023
06.09.2023 | News, Event | News, Event
Workshop: Democratising EU Economic Governance
On 6 September, Prof. Mark Dawson presented a new FES-study, addressing the democratic deficit in EU economic policy coordination and ways to enhance accountability.  
12.07.2023 | News | News
Voices from Latin America and the Caribbean: Our FES-work in the region
After a long eight-year break, the EU-CELAC Summit returned to Brussels on July 17 and 18. Check out some perspectives from Latin America and the Caribbean - directly from our 17 FES offices on the…  
10.07.2023 | News | News
Euro-Atlantic Triangle: Joint project with CEPS
NATO-EU cooperation, EU strategic autonomy, and pan-European security in an era of rivalry. We present our new project with CEPS on stabilising European security.  
05.07.2023 | Event | Event
Expert Roundtable: Montenegro’s EU Integration and the Future of European Enlargement Policy
In light of the Montenegrin presidential and parliamentary elections, we will organise a roundtable to discuss the future of EU enlargement policy on 5 July. What kind of enlargement policy is needed…  
15.06.2023 | Publication, News | Publication, News
Policy Paper: How to Improve the EU’s Rule of Law Toolbox?
Read our new policy paper with concrete recommendations on how to improve the EU’s rule of law toolbox.  
Young people demonstrate on the street with placards and megaphones.
08.06.2023 | News, Event | News, Event
FES Youth Studies: Understanding Political Disillusionment among young people in CEE & the Baltics
What do young people in Central and Eastern Europe think about politics and society? On 8 June 2023, we will present the results of our FES youth studies on these questions at our office in Brussels.  
05.06.2023 | News, Event | News, Event
Fair working conditions in childcare
On Monday, 5 June at 12h30 – 13h30 (Zoom) - Join us for the kick-off of our event series presenting our policy study “The European Strategy: A Chance to Ensure Inclusive Care for All?”  
02.04.2023 | Publication, News | Publication, News
Hambach Democracy Dialogue: Shaping a Progressive European Democracy
The third edition of the Hambach Democracy Dialogue (HDD) will take place on 15 and 16 June. We will discuss how Social Democracy can be defended and how it should respond to the current challenges.  
27.03.2023 | News, Event | News, Event
Online-Diskussion: Investitionen in die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit und klimaneutrale Transformation der EU
Der SPD-Europaabgeordnete Dr. Joachim Schuster und der IW-Direktor Prof. Michael Hüther diskutierten Anfang des Jahres über die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit & klimaneutrale Transformation der EU. Die…  
01.02.2023 | Publication, News | Publication, News
European Strategic Autonomy
What does European Strategic Autonomy mean? Read our first articles on European Strategic Autonomy of our joint project in cooperation with the Foundation of European Progressive Studies and the…  
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