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18.04.2024 | Publication, News | Publication, News
Policy Study: The transformation of the mainstream right and its impact on (social) democracy
Discover our new policy study that examines the alleged radicalisation within European mainstream right parties and its implications for the broader political landscape.  
11.04.2024 | News, Event | News, Event
Green Diplomacy in Action: Is the EU-Namibia Partnership on Raw Materials Geared Towards Sustainable Development?
Join us on 17 April online, when we discuss with Deon Shekuza, Graham Hopwood and MEP Joachim Schuster the Strategic Partnership between the EU and Namibia on Sustainable Raw Materials and Green…  
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Would you like to stay informed about other activities of the FES EU Office in Brussels? Please use our general sign up form! Event registration  
03.04.2024 | News, Event | News, Event
Study presentation: How politicians got away with autocratizing Hungary
Join us on 3 April when the authors of the study present their work and discuss political developments in Hungary.  
22.03.2024 | Event | Event
Navigating through the poly-crisis: Towards a global pact for a better future for people and the planet
Ahead of the UN Summit of the Future in September 2024, we organise – together with FEPS and the UN Brussels Office – a high-level policy discussion on 22 March.  
05.03.2024 | News | News
Discover the updated EU Care Atlas!
On the occasion on the International Women’s Day, we have updated our EU Care Atlas. Discover the new data available on Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC), and Long-Term Care.  
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Check out our Competence Centres in Europe! The EU Office of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung The EU Office of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), with its headquarters in Brussels and activities in…  
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Directions (for details please expand ...) From the main rail stations Gare du midi: Metro 2 or 6 (direction Elisabeth) to station Arts-Loi, then change to metro 5 (direction Herrmann-Debroux)…  
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Contact Marie Hasdenteufel Policy Officer Economic and Financial Policy, Digitalisation +32 (0)470 72 11 54 Johanna Lehmann Policy Officer European Trade Union…  
20.02.2024 | Publication, News | Publication, News
Policy Study: Women CSO leaders for systemic change
Read our new policy study on Women CSO Leaders in Europe: Their challenges are not personal, they are systemic!  
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